Location & attractions

Kissamos is a beautiful place, worth to be discovered. There are many places of natural beauty as well as tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and many more!

Location & attractions of Kissamos

Callista Apartments is located just a few minutes from Kissamos town, so it is very easy for you to visit the around area and its attractions anytime you wish.

Kissamos may be a small town but there are many spots for your everyday needs, like supermarkets, tourist information desks, banks, gas stations, post office, health center, many pharmacies and a lot of kiosks that stay open until late at night.
Also, if you want to find a place to enjoy your coffee or your meal or to buy some souvenirs or local products, everything is in the center of the town and you could easily find them all.

Kissamos - the town

what you can find there

Restaurants & Taverns - Callista Apartments in Kissamos

Restaurants & traditional taverns​

Crete is very popular for its delicious tastes and the flavorful local products. So, don’t miss a visit at one of the many restaurants for meal or dinner and enjoy the cretan traditional cuisine.

Coffees & drinks - Callista Apartments in Kissamos

Coffees & drinks

For those who want to enjoy the summer breeze, there are plenty of cafeterias and beach bars, where you can have coffees, refreshments and drinks, in quiet places or in more lively spots.

Souvenirs | Local products - Callista Apartments in Kissamos

Local product | Souvenir shops

As Kissamos is a top tourist destination, very popular for its products, there are plenty of shops with local products and souvenirs in town and the around area, where you can buy cretan products or mementos.

Archaeological museum - Callista Apartments in Kissamos

Archaeological museum

For those who want to discover the history of the area, a visit at the Archaeological museum of Kissamos is necessary. 

Kissamos - the beaches

where you can enjoy the sea

Beaches in town

There are many beaches in town and the around areas, ideal for families. There are also beach bars and mini markets next to them, in case you need supplies.

Gramvousa & Balos beach

The most popular beach in Crete, with the shallow, turquoise waters and the wild beauty, is definitely worth a visit. We also provide transportation to Balos, under request.

Falassarna beach

With cold and crystal clear waters, the organized beach is what you need for the hot summer days. There are also many restaurants and beach bars around, so you can spend even the whole day in Falassarna.